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  • Papat Beach Towel in a Market Basket on the Beach

    B L U E

    If seasons were colors, summer could be so many. It could be gold for the sun and sand and corn on the cob and nighttime fireflies, or dark juicy red for berries,...

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  • New Favorites

    Everyone has their own favorite way to spend these long summer days, and everyone has their own favorite Papat towel. So whether you love the beach, or if you are more of a...

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    Vintage Surfers Red and White Papat Beach Towel
  • Vintage Moroccan Pillows

    Vintage Moroccan Pillows

    Recently, we were lucky enough to meet a Moroccan rug importer who comes from a long and distinguished line of Casablancan rug dealers. He sent us a package of vintage Moroccan...

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  • Casa Cook

    After writing extensively on baskets in our last blog post, we realized that we needed to write a separate post about Casa Cook, a small chain of three gorgeous boutique hotels in...

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    Casa Cook bedroom with baskets hanging
  • Baskets in San Tropez hanging from a small blue vintage truck

    Essential Baskets

    Humans have been making and using baskets for many thousands of years. After the discovery of fire and the instinctual utility of a good sharp rock, baskets - a natural upgrade from...

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