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  • Burleigh Pottery Made in England


    A longtime favorite of ours, traditional Burleigh pottery has been made the same way and in the same factory for over 150 years. We just received a big shipment from England,...

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  • Japanese Office Supplies

    Handmade in Japan from sustainably harvested oak, these desk accessories are some of the loveliest we have seen.  This wooden tape dispenser is the perfect size for regular scotch tape...

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    Japanese Office Supplies
  • Enamel Kitchen Storage Container Canisters

    Enamel Kitchen Containers

      Our favorite enamel canisters are available again. Stack these containers in the kitchen, bathroom or office. With an air-tight seal and non porous enamel surface, they are perfect for storing everything...

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  • Brushes

    We just received a large shipment of brushes to refill our empty shelves after the holidays. From the tub brush to sink brush set and the pear handled hair brush,...

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    Natural Wooden Brushes
  • handmade leather top handbag made in Kenya

    Woven Handbag

    We love these handmade woven bags! Made in Kenya from the fibers of the banana plant, they are just the right size and shape for everyday use. With a leather top...

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