Napkin Hearts

Posted on February 03 2020

Not just for Valentine's Day, knowing how to fold a napkin into a heart comes in handy all year long. We used a red and white checked cotton tenugui, but you can use any napkin, dishtowel, or rectangular piece of fabric. It couldn't be much simpler, and is a pretty satisfying little piece of knowledge to have. So stick this bow in your quiver and shoot it.


How To Fold a Napkin into a Heart: 


Napkin Heart Folding Step 1

1. Fold your napkin into a thin rectangle. We folded our tenugui into thirds and then in half because it was quite long. 


Napkin Heart Fold Step 2

2. Fold one end of the rectangle up at about the middle. 


Napkin Heart Folding Step 3

3. Fold the other end up to meet it. 

Napkin Heart Folding Step 4

4. Fold all 4 corners under to form points. 


Napkin Hearts for everyone. Xx