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  • Paper Moon Lamps. Made in Japan.

    Paper Moon Lamps

    Introducing our new series of handmade Paper Moon lamps.  These deceptively simple, beautifully made lights are made entirely by hand in the same factory in the Gifu prefecture of Japan where they have...

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  • New Mohair Blankets

    Soft and luxurious, our mohair blankets were one of our best sellers last year, so we stocked up with new colors for fall, and are happy to report that they are...

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    Mohair Blanket
  • Papat Blue Tween Wool Fisherman Hat

    New Papat Wool Hats

    Two new styles of our favorite fisherman hats are just in from Papat. As always, they are made in England from 100% British wool. Cozy and warm, one-size-fits-all, and limited edition. ...

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  • Folding Sunglasses

    Sturdy and beautifully well-made, with a unique soft finish and supple, flexible frame, our new folding sunglasses fold easily into a small felt pouch that keeps them safe and protected from scratches...

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    Folding Sunglasses
  • Nightbook LED Book Light


    As elegant as they are clever, our beautiful new Japanese LED lights work by illuminating when pulled partially out of their case. Meant to be placed amongst other books on the shelf,...

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