Posted on May 16 2022


Walsh PB Elite Trainers Running Shoes


We are so pleased to be one of the very few stores in America to carry Walsh sneakers. 

Norman Walsh is perhaps best known for crafting the shoes Roger Bannister was wearing when he famously crushed the "unbreakable" 4 minute mile in 1954. 

Nine years earlier, Walsh had left school at age 14 to learn the cobblers trade, and within three years, was selected to make the track spikes worn by the British Summer Olympics Team.

Walsh started his own footwear company in 1961. 
Today Walsh continues to be the footwear of choice for discerning athletes. In 2014 British explorer Jamie Bunchuck chose Walsh's PB trainer for the first ever foot-crossing of the fullest longitudinal extent of the Betpackdala desert in Kazakhstan, where he covered over 190 miles, completing over 7 back to back marathons in 8 days.

In a world where a handful of brands dominate the sneaker industry, it is exciting to find a small company making well-crafted, good-quality shoes with care. 

All Walsh sneakers are 100% Made in England. 
Walsh Ensign Classic Sneakers - ghost


Walsh Ensign Classic Sneakers - ghost


Walsh Whirlwind Classic Sneaker- plum


Walsh PB Elite Trainer


Walsh Whirlwind Classic Sneaker
Walsh Whirlwind Classic Sneakers
Walsh PB Elite Trainers Running Shoes