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  • 10 Best Nature Books with ferns

    Our 10 Favorite Nature Books

    Spring brings new beginnings, and we couldn't be more excited. In anticipation of our favorite season, we have been revisiting our collection of nature-related books. In no particular order, here are our top...

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  • Keeping Time

    Recently we have been thinking about spending some time away from our phones and returning to real life.  But, you may well ask, irl I still have things to do...

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    Green Wall Clock
  • Japanese Dish kitchen Towels - tenugui

    Japanese Towels

    It's just a piece of cloth. A thin, unhemmed piece of cotton. What is so special about tenugui?  An important part of Japanese culture, tenugui are essentially a long piece...

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  • Artists' Houses

    One of our favorite vintage interiors books is called Artists' Houses by Gerard-Georges Lemaire, with photographs by Jean-Claude Amiel. Gabriel Munter's palettes and paintbrushes. Published in 2005, Artists' Houses seems to...

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    Artist's Studio Duncan Grant Painter
  • best paint colors for your dining room

    The 4 Best Paint Colors for...

    Even in an all-white house, if there is a separate dining room, chances are it will have a color on the walls. Why is that? Maybe because dining rooms are...

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