Ny Chair X

Posted on September 30 2020

2020 Marks the 50th anniversary of Designer Takeshi Nii's iconic Ny Chair X. Named after his family name, Nii, and also the Danish word for “new” or “fresh”, this minimalist design classic was inspired by a director's chair Nii saw in a magazine as a child. Originally designed in 1958, production of the Ny Chair X began in 1970. It has been in continual production ever since. 

The Ny Chair X won numerous international design awards and quickly become famous for its comfortable, ergonomic style. It soon earned a place in the permanent collection at MOMA.

Nii famously aimed to “ make a chair like the curry rice everybody loves”. That is, reasonably priced, comfortable, and useful. 

 At just 6.5kg, Ny chairs are light and easy to carry. With a stainless steel frame and beechwood armrests. With top-grade 100% cotton Kurashiki sailcloth, which has been produced in the same factory in Japan since 1888. 

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Ny Chair X Rocking White

Ny Chair X Rocking Camel