Posted on February 25 2020

Instantly recognizable and internationally admired for their combination of form and function, Zenith staplers have been a design icon for over 70 years. First designed in 1948, these Italian design classics are just as desirable now as they were then. 

Zenith 548/E Blue Stapler

We are incredibly excited to be carrying this line of beautiful and well-made staplers and office supplies. Still made in Italy, not too far from the original factory where they were first designed by Balma Capoduri, these are tools of the highest quality.

Zenith 548/E Replay Grey Classic Stapler

Substantial and satisfying in the hand, these metal staplers are old fashioned in the best possible way. They click and snap and you can feel the parts working smoothly as you use them. With a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, Zenith staplers will last as long as you do. 

Zenith 590 Mix Stapler Colors

We have the classic Zenith 548/E plier stapler in blues as well as the original reissued gray, and the newer Zenith 590 Mix in primary colors.

Zenith Golden Corner Paperclips

We also have possibly the world's coolest Zenith golden corner paperclips, and a refill box of 10,000 Zenith staples.

Zenith Staples 548/E and 590

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