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French Workwear

Posted on June 10 2020

French workwear in classic bleu de travail, or workers' blue, is a unisex wardrobe staple the world over. Traditionally made from either moleskin or a heavy sanforized cotton twill, these indigo work clothes are the standard French equivalent of the traditional American chore jacket or a barn coat and painters pants.

French Workwear Jacket

From artists to farmers to mechanics and anyone else who appreciates the value of heavy duty canvas and lots of pockets, these work jackets and pants are a traditional part of life in all areas of France.

French Workwear Jacket

We wear ours pretty much everyday, but find them especially useful while doing home and yard work like gardening and stacking firewood. It goes without saying that they are also excellent for windy beach walks and forest hikes.

French Workwear Pants

French Workwear

Insider tip: Try wearing them with one of our pairs of espadrilles for an authentic straight out of the French countryside look. 



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