Recycled Moroccan Glassware

Posted on November 05 2019

Stack of Recycled Moroccan Water Glasses

Handmade in Marrakesh from 100% recycled glass, this beautiful collection of traditional Moroccan glassware is truly special. Perfectly imperfect, these are glasses that you will make up reasons to use because drinking from them is such a pleasure. 

Recycled Moroccan Water Glasses in the factory

They truly are an everyday luxury. From the tiny air bubbles that float within the glass, to the pale blueish-green tint that comes from the recycled soda and beer bottles that are melted down to make them, to the traditional raised ridge around that middle that protects your fingers when drinking hot tea, and allows them to be stacked and carried easily in cafes and restaurants, everything about them just feels right.


        Moroccan Craftsman Blowing GlassMoroccan Craftsman blowing glass

Local craftsmen blow each glass individually, they way people have been doing for hundreds of years. Environmentally friendly, beautiful to look at, satisfying to stack, and a joy to use.

Recycled Moroccan Water Glass and Carafe

Sold as a set of six glasses, we have water glasses, tea glasses, and a larger carafe that doubles as an excellent flower vase. 

Set of 6 Recycled Moroccan Tea Glasses

Moroccan Craftsman blowing glass