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  • Papat Wool Fisherman Hats

    Papat Hats

    Knit in England from 100% virgin British wool, these will keep you super warm, but are not at all scratchy like the wool hats we remember from childhood winters long...

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  • The Breton Shirt

    From land to sea the Breton Shirt is a classic.

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    The Breton Shirt
  • Papat Suede Espadrilles

    Papat Suede Espadrilles

    Get ready to meet our newest cult item, Papat suede espadrilles. Handmade in one of the few remaining traditional espadrille factories in France, and exclusively sold at Brook Farm General Store. These cozy espadrilles make perfect...

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  • Woven Handbag

    An updated classic, these handmade woven bags are made in Kenya from the fibers of the banana plant. With leather top and straps that darken and soften with age. Fully lined...

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    handmade leather top handbag made in Kenya