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  • Papat Pack Baskets blue straps

    Why You Need a Pack Basket

    You may know them as pack baskets, guide packs, trapper's packs, Adirondack baskets, hunting baskets, or even Allagash baskets, but whatever you call them, some version of these traditional woven...

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  • Enamel Kitchen Containers

    Our favorite enamel canisters are available again. Stack these containers in the kitchen, bathroom or office. With an air-tight seal and non porous enamel surface, they are perfect for storing everything from...

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    Enamel Kitchen Storage Container Canisters
  • Ceramic Storage Containers Salt and Sugar

    Kitchen Storage Containers

    Whether you use your kitchen to prepare dinner for a large family, spaghetti for two, gourmet dinner parties and Instagram ready gatherings, or just to heat up leftovers, if there is food...

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