Kitchen Storage Containers

Posted on September 04 2017

Whether you use your kitchen to prepare dinner for a large family, spaghetti for two, gourmet dinner parties and Instagram ready gatherings, or just to heat up leftovers, if there is food and people in it, it will get messy. In order to help keep the chaos to a minimum, we have rounded up a selection of our favorite kitchen canisters and containers. Of course, nothing beats a trusty old jam or canning jar for economy and the environment. And we use plenty of both in our kitchen, but for those times when you desire a little more organization, here are our suggestions.

And it goes without saying, these canisters work just as well for organizing your office, workroom, and bathroom cupboards as well.

Enamel Kitchen Canisters and one French Stoneware Container

French Stoneware Lidded Jar


Ceramic Salt Container


Ceramic Sugar Container


Enamel Container - Blue Ombre

Enamel Container - Black Ombre