The L.L. Bean Game & Fish Cookbook

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The L.L. Bean Game & Fish Cookbook by Angus Cameron and Judith Jones

 A comprehensive and well-written cookbook/survival manual filled with beautiful wildlife illustrations and and technical drawings. This book has everything a cook needs to know to prepare superb game and fish dishes at home or in camp. 

Invaluable information on how to determine the age of game, tips on smoking and grilling and essential guidelines on everything from knives to larding tools to herbs are laced with Cameron's wisdom gained from years of experience in the field and the kitchen. 

Hardcover. 475 pp.

Random House, NY 1983

Please note that this book is vintage, and has been used and read. We do our best to choose only the best items for our vintage collection, but if you are looking for new and shiny, this is probably not for you.