When French Women Cook

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When French Women Cook, A Gastronomic Memoir, by Madeline Kamman

When French women cook, they create some of the very best meals the world has ever known. Each chapter in this wonderful book is devoted to a different woman important in distinguished food authority Madeline Kamman's life, including her tiny, frugal grandmother Marie-Charlotte, cousin Claire, who ran a small country inn boasting a Michelin-starred kitchen, Henriette, a family friend who lived in Normandy and made Camembert from the creme fraiche of her own cows, and Victoire, the countrywoman who took Ms. Kamman in when as a child she was evacuated from wartime Paris. Each of these women represents a different area of France and the food and cooking of that area. 

With over 250 recipes (and suggested wine-pairings) ranging from special-occasion dishes like filet de boef de Chateau-la-Vailliere (filet of beef as prepared by Claire Robert in her hotel) and Crepes D'Avignon (crepes filled with cheese souffle and tomato coulis) to more simple fare such as Pommes de terre aux champignons sauvages (potatoes with wild mushrooms) and Creme Tourangelle (cream of vegetable soup.) We are especially fond of the Saffron and mussel soup and the nectarine tart with ground almond crust. 

Printed in New York by Atheneum. Hardcover. 372 pp. C.1976

Please note that this book is vintage, and has been used and read. We do our best to choose only the best items for our vintage collection, but if you are looking for new and shiny, this is probably not for you.