Miramont Towel - Indigo

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Woven in deep complimentary colors inspired by the richness of medieval tapestries, our newest Papat towels are both beautifully subtle and delightfully vivid. Completely reversible, they are equally lovely when viewed from either side.

We love these towels in the bathroom for everyday use as well as outside as beach towels or by the pool.

Soft and luxurious, each design is from a limited production run and will not be repeated once sold out.

Made in USA from the softest cotton terry.

Limited quantities.

34" x 60" 

Machine washable. 96% cotton, 4% polyester (selvedge and hem).

Wash towels and bedding together or with other soft items. Because of their long loops, washing these towels with things with zippers (like jeans or hoodies) can cause snags and pulling. If a pull happens, no need to worry, just snip the loop right down at the bottom to even it all out. 

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