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  • Scandinavian Wool Blankets

    Scandinavian Wool Blankets

    Stay warm and cozy this winter with our new wool blankets. Woven in Finland from the highest quality merino and new wool fibers. All yarns are spun as well as dyed...

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  • New Mohair Blankets

    Soft and luxurious, our mohair blankets were one of our best sellers last year, so we stocked up with new colors for fall, and are happy to report that they are...

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    Mohair Blanket
  • Cotton Blanket Senovinis

    Cotton Blanket

    The softest cotton blanket, with a loose and airy weave and a calm demeanor. Lovely on its own or just with a sheet in the warm summer months, and perfect...

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  • Let's Get Cozy

    Whether you stay in balance with lagom, cozy up with hygge, find purpose with ikiagi, or you're just an old fashioned snuggler, the one thing we can hopefully all agree on is the...

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    Woolrich Morning Star Blanket