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Papat Suede Espadrilles

Posted on October 23 2018

Papat Suede Espadrilles

Get ready to meet our newest cult item, Papat suede espadrilles. Handmade in one of the few remaining traditional espadrille factories in France, and exclusively sold at Brook Farm General Store.

These cozy espadrilles make perfect slippers, but we especially love to wear them sans socks as our everyday running around shoes. Suede outside with fluffy wool lining and the traditional jute base. With rubber soles, so that you can wear them outside. 

Still stitched by hand, just as they have been for hundreds of years. Like all authentic espadrilles, these will start out feeling very snug, but within a few hours or a day they will stretch to fit your feet perfectly. 

Unisex. Made in France. 

Papat Suede Espadrilles

Papat Suede Espadrilles




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