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Posted on November 30 2023

Woodblock printing, linocut printing's forbearer, has existed for almost two thousand years. Invented in China around 600 BCE during the Tang dynasty, it was itself inspired by the even more ancient practices of marking important documents with impressions of bronze or stone seals, or intaglios.

The art of linocut printing, however, is relatively modern. It was first created in the early 20th century by a group of German expressionist artists known as The Bridge Group, who developed the technique as a way to practice woodblock printing. 

Lino printing quickly became popular amongst artists for its flexibility and its combination of traditional and modern techniques, particularly with students at the avant-garde Grosvenor School in London. Pablo Picasso is perhaps the most famous artist known for his use of linocut printing; he popularized the art form in the 1950s and 60s, and many of his prints can be seen in museums and private collections today. 

Most lino prints are made in small editions of 5 to 25 prints, which means that when you invest in one, you are receiving something truly rare and special. 

Papat's limited edition linocut prints top the list of our most popular and desired gifts all year round. 



You can see the entire collection here.

A relatively affordable way to collect art and support individual artists, while adding a personal, handmade touch to your home, we think giving art is always a good decision.


We are pleased to be the first store online where you can purchase Papat's limited edition handmade linocut prints.

You can watch short videos of Papat carving and inking a few of his linocut prints here.

Papat Filson Linocut Print

More about the history of lino and woodblock printing techniques can be found in hundreds of books and articles, as well as online here, here, and here

Papat Limited Edition Linocut Print