Posted on May 17 2018

Papat Beach Towel. Made in USA.

Papat Beach Towel Jungle. Made in USA.

This is just the first blog post of many to come about Papat. A new project from one of our co-founders, Papat is all about beautiful hand-drawn designs functioning in a modern environment. The stunning new beach towels you can see on our website now are just the beginning. Made in the USA from the softest cotton, they manage to be both fun and sophisticated, and will be your happy companion from beach to poolside all summer long. And did we mention how much we love the tag?

Papat Beach Towel Jungle. Made in USA

Papat Beach Towel. Harbor Village. Made in USA.

There is an exciting and diverse range of Papat products soon to come, and we will keep you updated on all of the new developments. All of the Papat products are being produced in limited runs, so when each design sells out it will be gone. For now Papat is only available on Brook Farm General Store, but we will be opening for wholesale orders and for collaborations soon, so if you have a store and are interested in placing an order, please send Papat a message here. The Papat website is still under construction, but will soon be live at In the meantime, you can (and should) follow Papat on Instagram here.

Papat Beach Towel Harbor Village by the bay.

Papat Beach Towel. closeup of Jungle print. Made in USA.

Papat Beach Towel. Harbor Village closeup. Made in USA.