Keeping Time

Posted on March 18 2019

Recently we have been thinking about spending some time away from our phones and returning to real life. 

But, you may well ask, irl I still have things to do - how will I know what time it is without my phone?

What you need is a clock. And we have some beauties. 

Our copper wall clock was designed in honor of Japanese industrial designer Riki Watanabe's 100th birthday. Copper was his favorite material to work with, and he incorporated it into his designs whenever possible. 

Copper Wall Clock

Copper Wall Clock

Our clocks are made in Japan by Takata Lemnos, a well-known Japanese company that opened in 1947 as a producer of brass raw castings of Buddhist altar fittings.

Soon thereafter, upon a fortunate introduction from a friend, Lemnos began making brass clock frames for Seikosha Co., Ltd., now known as Seiko Clock Inc. 

The two companies worked closely together for many years, until in 1977, Takata Seisakusho (as it was then called) became a subdivision of Seikosha Co., Ltd, and shifted its focus to concentrate on just making clock frames. 

in the mid 1980s, they went out on their own with a new name (again) and their own office building in Tokyo. TAKATA Ltd., Co. set out to conquer the European market, and over the next 15 years their clocks won many international design awards, and a few even earned spots in the permanent collections of The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

Plywood Cuckoo Clock

Plywood Cuckoo Clock closeup of bird

 In 1997, a string of counterfeits caused Lemnos to stop making their by then iconic molded resin designs. They began to focus on developing plywood and wooden frames, and using materials such as ceramic that were more difficult to copy en masse.

Country Wall Clock

For the last 20 years or so, TAKATA Lemnos Inc (they changed their name again in 1991) have been making the beautiful clocks we love so much. 

Round Wooden Alarm Clock

Green Wall Clock

So now you can put your phone away for a few minutes without worrying about what time it is. 

See our entire collection of clocks here.

Lemnos Clocks images of clock making