How to Reunite a Broken Soap Dish

Posted on September 07 2018

 We have just returned from a trip down an internet rabbit hole with a wonderful discovery and a new favorite website. Obviously we do read the newspaper regularly, but somehow we did not know about the TimesMachine and the Home Clinic until just now. This NY Times article from July of 1978 has inspired in us a whole new reading obsession. 

Have you ever wondered how to reunite a broken soap dish with ceramic tile? We hadn't until today, and now, thanks to a forty year old article in the New York Times, we know. If you have a wall mounted soap dish in need of repair, the Home Clinic has answers for you.  

Surely you can find the same information on a thousand more modern home repair sites and forums, and if you really wanted to learn quickly, you could watch a video on youtube, but there is something so appealing about the times machine...

NY Times Article about how to reunite a broken soap dish