Clip Art

Posted on September 25 2018

There is a famous saying that goes, 'tis a far better thing to clip than to receive. Or something like that. Either way, we couldn't be more pleased with our new selection of Japanese pinches.

We use our aluminum pinches everywhere. Perfect for closing bags of crackers, pasta, cereal, or beans, they even go in the freezer drawer on bags of frozen peas. We use them in the office and at school, and even in the bathroom to close bags of cotton balls and the like. With their handy little hole at the top, you can string them or hang them, and use them for all sorts of home design and craft projects as well. One bag comes with 24 clips, so you shouldn't run out anytime soon.

Aluminum Pinches

They work a treat for holding little lights or photographs strung on a pice of twine. 

Aluminum Clips

The larger aluminum clips are designed for holding heavier fabric items, and are great not only for clothes, but also for quick and easy curtains and instant artwork display. They come with a metal loop at the top so that they can be easily strung together. 

Folding Pinch Hanger

And finally, the folding pinch hanger. Made not from aluminum, but from stainless steel, is the strongest in our collection. Whether you don't have a washing machine handy, or you just don't feel like using it, this folding, transportable, energy-saving economizer is wonderful for drying clothes over the tub or sink, or outside on the balcony. 

Folding Pinch Hanger