Beach Fun

Posted on June 29 2017

Green Enamel Sand Pail and Spade
We are so in love with these old fashioned enamel beach toys. Made in Germany just the way they have been for generations. These beautiful red and green sand pails come with a sieve and wooden handle spade. Enamel is made by baking multiple very thin layers of glass over steel at extremely high temperatures, so although they may eventually chip, these toy buckets will last for at least another few generations.
Red Enamel Sand Pail and Sieve
Environmentally friendly, with no plastic and no waste, just lots of good old fashioned fun. We have almost sold out of our first delivery already, but we hope to receive more soon, as these toys are sure to be a Book Farm General Store staple.
Green Enamel Toy Bucket and Spade
A modern classic, use them at the beach, in the garden, or just hanging around at home in the playroom.
Red Enamel Toy Bucket and Sieve