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Boxwood Handle Dining Set
Boxwood Handle Flatware Set
Boxwood Handle Dining Set

Boxwood Handle Flatware Set


A large handmade dining set of strong yet beautiful stainless steel utensils. Consisting of a fork, knife and spoon with smooth, round, oiled boxwood handles. These are also 

The knife does double duty as a paring knife, and is perfect for small tasks in the kitchen. It is also available here on its own. 

Please be sure to always dry your utensils well immediately after washing. Do not leave them sitting in water. Boxwood sometimes has small cracks and imperfections. These will not effect the integrity of your cutlery.

Please remember you are buying natural products. They are not plastic, and therefore may not be perfect. If properly cared for, you will find that they will soon become your favorites, and will last for many, many years, improving with time as they form to fit your hand.

9" x 7/8"

Made in Spain.

See all of our knives here. 

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