The New Bohemians Handbook

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The New Bohemians Handbook, Come Home to Good Vibes, by Justina Blakeney, photography by Dabito.

With Blakeney's expert guidance, uncover your "spirit environment" and learn how to easily and affordably turn any dwelling into your personal sanctuary.

Blakeney believes that good design increases quality of life; she believes in vintage, organic, and handmade; she believes in the healing power of plants, good light, and fresh air, and that creativity and good vibes can save the world. She beieves that objects made with love, care, and good materials bring those qualities with them wherever they go, and with this book she will help you bring these qualities into your own home. 

Abrams. Hardcover. 285 pp. C.2017

Please note that this book is vintage, and has been used and read. We do our best to choose only the best items for our vintage collection, but if you are looking for new and shiny, this is probably not for you.