Olive Oil Soap - 100g

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Our traditional Marseille olive oil soap is completely natural, hypoallergenic, moisturizing, and so good for your body and home. Completely pure and unscented, Marseilles soap is gentle enough for a baby's delicate skin, and is just as gentle and effective for washing your own face, hair, hands and body. Use it to wash your clothes, your dishes, your sensitive pet, or almost anything else you can think of.

According to French law, in order to earn the official stamp of Savon de Marseille, the ingredients must be cooked and stirred in a cauldron for nearly ten days while following the traditional guidelines of the Marseille soap-making process. Master soap makers guard their secrets carefully, and have been passing their traditional techniques down through the same families for hundreds of years.

This soap is 100% plant-based. It does not contain any preservatives, dyes, additives or animal fat. No palm oil.

Keep it dry, and it will last until you use the very last sliver. When that happens, you might find that you need our cult favorite soap saver. 

We also have our traditional square Marseille soap bars in 300g and 600g sizes. 

Made in France.

1.75" x 1.75" x 1.85"