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Flowers, A Golden Guide to familiar American wildflowers, by Herbert S. Zim, Ph.D. and Alexander C. Martin, Ph.D., Former Senior Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service. Illustrated by Rudolf Freund. 
This vintage pocket-sized book is a charming guide to the most common groups of American wildflowers: the violets, Coneflowers, Milkweeds, Asters, and the like. To help the beginner identify these flower groups and common kinds of wildflowers, the book includes 134 paintings in full color. Some 200 kinds of flowers are shown in the color plates, and these are typical of the major groups of American flowering plants. 

With information on where to look, what to see, flowers vs weeds, and wildflower conservation. And with notes on photographing flowers, growing wildflowers, useful wild plants, and collecting flowers.

Golden Press New York, Revised edition, printed in the USA., C 1987, 159 pp.
Please note that this book is vintage, and has been used and read. We do our best to choose only the best items for our vintage collection, but if you are looking for new and shiny, this is probably not for you.