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Crepe Pan

French Crepe Pan


These authentic crepe pans will help you make (and flip) perfect pancakes every time. Not just for thin, delicate crepes, these naturally nonstick shallow frying pans are great for frying eggs, pan searing meats and fish, or just whipping up a quesadilla for lunch.
Made in France from strong blue steel, these pans are coated in a natural beeswax finish. They will darken naturally over time, and we suggest seasoning them with cooking oil before your first use, and then again whenever you think of it. 
We have used ours almost everyday for the last ten years, and it is still our favorite pan. Use it, wash it, and then dry it well, and just rub with a tiny bit of oil. You will find yourself reaching for this pan over and over. 
Made in France. 
9.5" diameter (not including handle). Oven safe. 

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