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  • Papat Beach Towel

    B L U E

    If seasons were colors, summer could be so many. It could be gold for the sun and sand and corn on the cob and nighttime fireflies, or dark juicy red for berries,...

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  • Enamel Kitchen Containers

      Our favorite enamel canisters are available again. Stack these containers in the kitchen, bathroom or office. With an air-tight seal and non porous enamel surface, they are perfect for storing everything...

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    Enamel Kitchen Storage Container Canisters
  • Natural Wooden Brushes


    We just received a large shipment of brushes to refill our empty shelves after the holidays. From the tub brush to sink brush set and the pear handled hair brush,...

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  • Bicycle Love

    Looking for a gift for a bicycle lover? We have you covered in all types of weather. Shop our entire bicycle collection for Brooks leather saddles, straw bike baskets, waterproof rain...

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    Waterproof Rain Cape Bicycle
  • Let's Get Cozy

    Let's Get Cozy

    Whether you stay in balance with lagom, cozy up with hygge, find purpose with ikiagi, or you're just an old fashioned snuggler, the one thing we can hopefully all agree on is the...

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