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Tagged: kitchen

  • French Chef's Apron

    French Kitchen Linens

    Introducing our new French kitchen linens from one of the oldest and most esteemed table linen companies in France. Made from heavy duty cotton, these beauties get better with age. The more...

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  • Japanese Stoneware Bowls

    Our new Japanese stoneware bowls are sturdy and solid, smooth and comforting, and great for everyday use. The stoneware is substantial and has a nice heft in your hand, but with a lean, unobtrusive...

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    Japanese Stoneware Bowls
  • Teak Measuring Spoons

    Wooden Kitchen Tools

    Our eternal search for appealing well-made items has led us to these lovely handmade wooden kitchen tools.  From teak measuring spoons to a stainless steel pizza cutter with teak handle, multi-purpose...

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  • Looking Sharp

    Hand-forged iron scissors, boxwood handle flatware, a neon green pocket knife, and so many more. See a few of our favorites from our ever-expanding collection of utensils, kitchen knives, scissors, and...

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    Iron Scissors
  • Kitchen Shears

    Kitchen Shears

    One of our favorite and most versatile kitchen items, our beautiful stainless steel kitchen shears are finally back in stock. Wonderfully heavy in your hand, they snip and snap in...

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